Wetland Conservation Bank

Burdell Ranch Wetland Conservation Bank  
ll Mitigation Bank Description

The Burdell Ranch Wetland Conservation Bank

The Burdell Ranch Wetland Mitigation Bank credits may be used to mitigate for unavoidable impacts to non-tidal wetlands and other special aquatic sites within the following geographic region:

Marin County, exclusive of any areas west or south of Highway 1;

Sonoma County, within the Petaluma River and Walker Creek drainage and in the Sonoma Creek drainage from approximately the Town of Sonoma south;

Napa County, from City of Napa south and the Napa River drainage west;

Solano County, from the City of Vallejo (Napa River drainage only) west;

Contra Costa County, bordering San Pablo Bay lying between the Carquinez and Richmond San Rafael Bridges, with an inland boundary of I-80 on the east and Cutting Boulevard and I-580 on the south.

Impacts to other habitats and areas outside of the Mitigation Bank service area could be allowed on a case by case basis upon specific approval of applicable regulatory agencies.

The Army Corps of Engineers, Environmental Protection Agency, Federal Fish and Wildlife, and the California Department of Fish and Game are signatories to the conservation bank agreement. These agencies support and encourage in kind mitigation at the Burdell Bank for projects in the bank's service area.

Note: the Regional Water Quality Control Board reviews wetland mitigation for projects on a case-by-case basis.

If you have any questions, you may contact Anthony Georges at 415-602-4151.